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A Hole in the Ground 2018

A Hole in the Ground

A 2016 short horror film directed by Tony Olmos. While passing through an elderly woman's property, young friends investigate an old shack with a deep, dark secret.

Genre : Horror.
Runtime : 124 min
Format : Widescreen
HD : Includes 720p and 1080p.
Subtitles :
  • - English (Subtitles)
  • - Ukrainian (Subtitles)
  • - Russian (Subtitles)

    What our members said..

    kittykat_99_332 March 21, 2019 01:46 AM
    the best movie ever...thanks
    nick_recine March 21, 2019 00:50 AM
    This looks like a good movie!
    perfecti0n00 March 20, 2019 23:52 PM
    Very good; I humbly thank you from Tennessee, U.S.A
    phosphene1 March 20, 2019 23:25 PM
    Nice movie. Had seen it once. Dialogues are superb.
    powersmckenzie March 20, 2019 22:26 PM
    Thanks, wonderful. i like it !!
    orthodoct March 20, 2019 21:31 PM
    Oh my gosh, very very good movie, I love all the casts
    ohangelinaa March 20, 2019 19:58 PM
    Great job
    markharper5 March 20, 2019 20:10 PM
    Really enjoyed the film
    victoria March 20, 2019 18:10 PM
    I'm in love with that movie.
    jedidahl March 20, 2019 17:31 PM
    the best actor i have seen....
    jrpersonal March 20, 2019 15:56 PM
    This movie is now my all time favorite movie. The directing and acting was great. The filming angles, especially in the opening credits and bringing scenes of the movie, were unforgettable. Well done
    nikolettamarie March 20, 2019 15:30 PM
    beautiful movie.... i love the story.....well done.....
    nffjrs March 20, 2019 16:10 PM
    This movie has captured EVERYTHING! Thanks
    pauljselley March 20, 2019 14:17 PM
    Great acting, script, camera work. Spot on message
    pethrower March 20, 2019 14:34 PM
    Thanks great movie. Sound, pic everything quality. From your pic I would say your a class act.. thanks
    antoniacornett March 20, 2019 11:16 AM
    Loved this movie! love it
    pahoward06 March 20, 2019 12:42 PM
    I really enjoy this movie

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