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Celebration 2019


Blockade Leningrad, December 31. In the country house of the Resurrection, living "in a special situation," six people and a chicken gather, who no one can cook. Previously, the cook was engaged in this, but the Voskresenskys were taken away from her on the eve - hard times came on the outside, and the situation is also difficult inside: the youngest son brought a hungry girl, the eldest daughter of an unknown man for whom she is going to marry. Before the New Year there are few minutes left, and the number of problems grows snowball.

Genre : Comedy.
Runtime : 98 min
Format : Widescreen
HD : Includes 720p and 1080p.
Subtitles :
  • - English (Subtitles)
  • - Russian (Subtitles)
  • - Turkish (Subtitles)

    What our members said..

    jhesketh March 19, 2019 17:11 PM
    Pure Charismatic!!!!
    mjbloor55 March 19, 2019 16:24 PM
    lo máximo ..en belleza varonil..UNICO..!!!
    oceans_puddle March 19, 2019 15:15 PM
    Awesomeness :)
    nojoke1920 March 19, 2019 14:44 PM
    Hi and thank you for the movie really enjoyed. cheers
    nicolagibb March 19, 2019 13:43 PM
    It's really great movie!)) I'll watch it again and again!
    omgitssarahh March 19, 2019 12:26 PM
    Nice movie. Had seen it once. Dialogues are superb.
    jargles March 19, 2019 12:17 PM
    awwh that was really sweet movie
    qzaire1 March 19, 2019 11:14 AM
    Once of my favourite movie ever!!!! thank you
    debzi_d March 19, 2019 10:23 AM
    celiaandnigel March 19, 2019 09:23 AM
    This movie has captured EVERYTHING! Thanks
    blenkinship March 19, 2019 09:01 AM
    Thanks so much for the full movie!!
    nicoletteioele March 19, 2019 08:01 AM
    Good film. Thanks for downloading
    pr238 March 19, 2019 06:11 AM
    Thanks, wonderful. i like it !!
    pcurrie March 19, 2019 06:34 AM
    Thank you I enjoyed it a lot Movie Thank you Have a Blessing Wonderful day Love-N-Light blessed be

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