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Project Censored the Movie 2013

Project Censored the Movie

'Project Censored: The Movie' explores media censorship in our society by exposing important stories that corporate media fails to report/under report. Using the media watchdog group, Project Censored, as their road map, two fathers from California decided to make a documentary film that will help to end the reign of Junk Food News that Corporate Media continues to feed the American people.

Genre : Documentary, History, War.
Production Companies : Hole in the Media Productions
Runtime : 125 min
Format : Widescreen
HD : Includes 720p and 1080p.
Subtitles :
  • - English (Subtitles)

    What our members said..

    quinton_jerrick January 22, 2019 12:12 PM
    Wow!! excellent movie...Fantastic actors. Thanks
    justin January 22, 2019 11:24 AM
    Thank you I enjoyed it a lot Movie Thank you Have a Blessing Wonderful day Love-N-Light blessed be
    barrs January 22, 2019 10:20 AM
    Great film !
    erinclairebutler January 22, 2019 09:27 AM
    This movie is now my all time favorite movie. The directing and acting was great. The filming angles, especially in the opening credits and bringing scenes of the movie, were unforgettable. Well done
    billbike January 22, 2019 08:56 AM
    Pure Charismatic!!!!
    qbqiuypensot January 22, 2019 07:17 AM
    First time I watched. Thx for this
    raiigen95 January 22, 2019 06:18 AM
    Great show!
    pegrocks January 22, 2019 06:08 AM
    Great acting, script, camera work. Spot on message
    nickdolan13 January 22, 2019 05:56 AM
    Great job
    parmanandpremnauth January 22, 2019 03:39 AM
    badass movie
    pie98033 January 22, 2019 03:02 AM
    i love, love, LOVE this movie.
    princessapril5667 January 22, 2019 02:29 AM
    This movie has captured EVERYTHING! Thanks
    princessj1959 January 22, 2019 02:48 AM
    It was an incredible movie! :) Thankyou
    probably_blueberry January 22, 2019 00:30 AM
    Oh my gosh, very very good movie, I love all the casts